About us

In the words of our CEO, Mr Amardeep S. Hari, “Technology is of no use until it reaches the simplest man, in the simplest way”.  An initiative and long nurtured dream of Mr Hari himself, IPMC Tech Talks is a platform to educate individuals and entities (like educational institutions and corporates) alike on the emerging trends in the field of technology. 

Technology is evolving at a pace which is difficult to keep up with especially for working professionals. The IT industry is the fastest moving one and is an integral part of all other industries/ businesses. It is thus vital for the overall economic growth of the country that new and existing technological concepts and their application is clearly understood by one and all. Thus, IPMC (Intercom Programming & Manufacturing Company) came up with its new venture IPMC Tech Talk, which through interactive forums like events and Blogs will bring forth the most relevant and updated information on various aspects of technology. While this on one hand, will help students and professionals to take better informed decisions about various courses (and their relevance) and job opportunities, it will also help industries to get a know-how on how they can further enhance/ diversify their businesses basis the promising trends. It will be an added boon for parents, educators, people working in non-IT companies as they get to familiarize themselves with the new developments in the field of technology and can use this knowledge in their day-to-day lives.  

TechTalk by you

We truly believe in making Tech Talk a platform of, by and for you.

So, if you are an IT enthusiast who has insights, thoughts and/ or ideas about an established or upcoming trend in any of the areas of technology, you have indeed landed at the right place. Feel free to send your details if you believe you can contribute in the vast pool of knowledge and information through blogs, write ups and we shall be more than glad to publish your work here giving you due credit for the same!