Born human and trying to become one.

Born human and trying to become one.

Sometimes we allow ourselves to become very materialistic and accustomed to operating more in the physical realm but less in the spiritual realm. We neglect to use prayer or meditation in our life as much as we ought to. It’s because we do not realize the power of our spirit, because we do not see the Spiritual present in our lives as much as we should.

The spirit doesn’t fear because it knows it is connected to the Spiritual. It only serves its Spiritual Master and fellow spirits present in any form. The fear comes when our spirit gets disconnected from its Master or the Creator.

If we have a lot of contact or interaction with the world and worldly people, it’s easy to get into this fear. We easily get influenced by other people’s thoughts, their materialistic frame of mind, of doing what they do daily on the physical realm, pushing and competing ourselves in becoming as materialistic as they may be, while neglecting the spiritual side of ourselves and theirs too.

To be counted in the family of our real Master and Creator who is One and the same for all, we have to be spiritually minded. For that we must “Be an effective prayer warrior, a meditation and contemplation warrior, and this is the most essential aspect of becoming human”


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