Don’t let Fear of Covid-19 turn into a Stigma.

Don’t let Fear of Covid-19 turn into a Stigma.

IPMC policy of staff conduct towards Covid positive patients, prospective patients and their associates.

IPMC prohibits stigmatization and discrimination against the families and associates of any Covid related patients or prospects, or the ones returning from self isolation.

Stigmatization and discrimination is a social evil. The behavior of other staff towards an affected or could to be affected individual needs to stay normal, professional and at the least, it needs to stay full of empathy. Remember you or your family members can be in such a position anytime.

Workplace safety needs to be maintained at all times with social distancing, wearing of masks, following hygiene protocols of not touching your face and washing/sanitizing your hands often. Protect yourself by following these, but not by stigmatizing others.

In general, having a bias or prejudice against your fellow worker for any reason such as race, sex, economical background or medical condition and more such biases, causes psychological harm and may even cause physical damage to the victim. This is considered unfair and termed as an abnormal behavior by the person who carries it out.

In the midst of the present Covid circumstances, it is important to keep self control and self restraint. Our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors influence those around us. We can spread fear against each other or we have the choice to spread connection and love. As IPMC community or any other community, let us be stronger by staying united against a
common threat.

Stay safe, but continue to stay human.


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