How has technology helped in fighting corona virus?

How has technology helped in fighting corona virus?

We all know its not all sunshine and daffodils around the world currently, and its taking Governments and doctors some life defining measures to well, save lives. As the citizens are raising panic buttons, highest technology is being used for controlling one of the worst hitting epidemics globally.  

A large amount of data about citizens is being collected and used in novel ways with the help of Big Data Analysis to tackle the deadly Corona virus. The data is fed into central databases and then analysed using AI & Machine Learning. The CCTV cameras, face scanners, temperature detectors have all been at work in parallel. Applications (or apps as we fondly call them of late) like WeChat that have both your Social Media and individual data bundled into one, allow the authorities to track your movement, transactions and more. Furthermore, the algorithms designed can tell where all you have been in last few days and the people you might have been in contact with. This has come handy to warn & save further people from getting infected, and in identifying & controlling hotspots of contamination. Thanks to the modern technology that led to these innovations that have aided the most aggressive disease control in the history of the world.

Over the years, technology has revolutionized the world and the many technological developments and innovations played a major role in our lives. Modern technology has altered the way we live and function. You have the world on your fingers with just a smart phone and Internet. The biggest advantage of Internet is that has made possible the penetration of latest technology to ALL people across the world. Businesses have also undergone huge transformation that includes alignment of all complicated business processes, improvement in productivity &efficiency, thanks to the ever evolving technologies, particularly IT services. 

The world is going through tough times currently and the only two things that can save are Spirituality and Technology. While the former is an individual choice, it is technology that has acted as a saviour in times of crisis and otherwise


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