How the technology of Noise cancellation can be useful in the times of Covid?

How the technology of Noise cancellation can be useful in the times of Covid?

Silence is the language of God. We can live in noise, create noise, get frustrated with noise, but in the end it is the silence which brings us peace.

The best silence can be heard in the loudest environment. Where your ears are filled with noise, your mind is disturbed, but your soul is calm. To achieve this, imagine the loud noises to be music and dance upon it. If this is difficult for you to do, then leave the room. Go in silence, train yourself and come back to that room when you have become an expert musician of silence.

The noises in any room are not permanent because only silence is a permanent state. This is the language God uses to speak to His Universe, to speak to His creation. Any noise, when left on its own will die soon, especially when the entity making that noise doesn’t get an audience. We can keep the noise of an opppsing party alive, as long as we give an ear to it.

Presently the noise of the Covid is very loud because there is enough audience listening to it. People have trained their minds against even louder noises of more dangerous killer diseases such as cancer, hence they are not disturbed by them.

All noises are temporary and will die soon but if you continue to get affected and allow it to scar your soul then that will stay for longer. Rather we should use each noise as a test ground to grow our expertise in learning the technology of noise cancellation.

Finally, to do this, we need to learn the language of soul, the language of silence and the only way we can learn that is through meditation, through prayer. The best part is that you don’t even need to learn this language. It’s already there. Just be there.

Do not read and listen to the stories of Covid unless you have learnt how to be silent. Leave the noisy room of Covid. Come back to your rooms of normal life and work. Yes as you return, continue to practice hygiene and social distancing.

Let’s move on.


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