IPMC, Expert in IT Courses

IPMC, Expert in IT Courses

Over the last 3 decades IPMC has been the leader in IT Training in Ghana and West Africa, regularly offering skilled talent to the industry. Our courses, which are designed by industry experts & learned professionals provide in-depth subject and practical knowledge to the learners. Our fully functional & well-equipped laboratories further guarantee application based learning. All in all, our infrastructure, course content, faculty and industry connect have together helped us in being the top choice of young IT aspirants and professionals.

 IPMC Training Centre offers Corporate courses in the following fields:

  • AI and Machine Learning: IPMC offers multitude of Corporate courses in AI and Machine Learning (like Deep Learning, RPA, etc.) that provide a broad understanding of developing intelligent computing devices and application of AI to real-time problems like search, games, robotics etc.
  • Big Data: Big Data, as well know, is the next big thing to happen to the world. Realizing the significance of big data and analytics in the IT domain, IPMC offers courses like Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer, Big Data Architect, Apache Cassandra, Integrated Programs in Big data and data Science.
  • Cyber Security: IPMC addresses the biggest concern of Businesses today: Cyber Security, by offering its well-curated Certificate courses like: Certified Ethical Hacker/ Systems Auditor/ Security Manager/ Network Defender, Hacking Investigator
  • Project Management Program: Under the umbrella of the Project Management Programme are covered ALL the essential stages/ phases of project management viz: Planning & Design, Execution, Monitoring & Regulation, Closure/ Delivery of the project. Also, the nuances of Project management essentials like Time, Cost, Risks, Quality, Procurement etc are dealt with in great detail. Courses like: Digital Project Manager, PMP, CAPM and many more are offered.

Our faculty members and trainers ensure our students garner further professional exposure through industry visits and networking with peers.

IPMC Professional Courses are aptly designed to touch all aspects of IT and the major areas of specializations are as below: 

  • Certificate Courses
  • Diploma Courses
  • Short Courses

IPMC’s Professional IT Courses help you to learn from our best IT trainers, get practical hands on IT training in our modern labs, complimented by real world industry visits to boost your confidence for stepping into the corporate world. More than 5 lakh students have undertaken our Professional Certificate IT Courses on latest technologies and have landed up with well-paid IT jobs. An IPMC Certificate adds weightage to your profile and gives you a competitive edge in the industry.


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