Managing Business is a serious Business?

Managing Business is a serious Business?

Well, not anymore! Thankfully, businesses across the world have been adopting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP as its famously called)- a software to manage their day-to-day activities like finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain, procurement, etc. In simpler terms, ERP can be understood as as a business management software, more like a suite of
integrated applications, that helps an organization to collect, handle and understand data from multiple business activities. Also, the new ERP systems use latest technologies like machine learning and AI to automate processes, and predictive analytics to support real-time decision making. There are three types of ERP implementations –

  • Cloud ERP solutions use intelligent technologies to help you grow, innovate, and optimise time & resources irrespective of the size of your business.
  • On Premise: You can run your enterprise resource planning software in your own data centre, for optimum flexibility and control.
  • Hybrid: you can part run ERP applications on the cloud and part on premise with hybrid ERP, also called two-tier ERP.

How does ERP help Businesses?

Enterprise system software is an industry worth billions of dollars with its components supporting a variety of business functions. With only large enterprises signing up for ERP systems earlier, medium and small enterprises are now increasingly using them. Some of the explicit business benefits of ERP include:

  1. Higher Productivity: As the core business processes get streamlined and automated, different components in the organisation can do more with fewer resources.
  2. Better Insights/ Visibility: due to real-time information generated by reports.
  3. Lower risk: enhanced business visibility, data integrity and better financial controls help in predicting and preventing risk.
  4. Optimised management and operational costs through streamlined processes and integrated systems.
  5. Enhanced engagement of users as they share data in contracts, purchase orders, etc.
  6. Improved efficiency because of well-defined business processes, also helps in quickly identifying and reacting to new opportunities.


An organization is only as efficient as the technology it uses. Here’s where we come to your quick rescue; let’s see how:

  • With our expert solutions, we help you leverage the best out of your resources while creating an improved and efficient workflow.
  • We combine the resources of global leaders such as Oracle, Microsoft and Tally in ERP technology with our expertise to provide services that allow you to accumulate, store, manage and analyze data the way you want. The software is updated constantly to accommodate all the latest technologies and features.
  • The intuitive design & easy workflow of our software makes it easy to learn for your employees.
  • The standard modules in our ERP software can be customized as per your organization’s business needs. The vertical specific modules help you with vertical segment. So, instead of depending on various applications, you can add more functionalities in the software as your business grows and requirements increase.
  • Our ERP software is truly global as it supports a number of languages, currencies, and location settings.
  • You can integrate your existing or new applications with third party applications to maximize performance.
  • It can be deployed on any form of net connection enabling your employees to stay connected and work from anywhere

An efficient, upgraded ERP system should be an intrinsic part of a modern enterprise, so as to further the performance of its existing and new operations. Talk to IPMC’s ERP experts and understand how we can help you manage your business efficiently


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