What is a Data Centre and how it works?

What is a Data Centre and how it works?

Just like the living room of your home houses all the essential furniture and appliances allowing you to manage people/ guests well, in IT industry, a data center is a physical facility that enterprises use to house their business-critical applications and information. The earliest reference of a data centre can be that of a supercomputer during times of huge, room-sized computers. To further elaborate, Data centers are simply centralized locations where computing and networking equipment is concentrated for the purpose of collecting, storing, processing or distributing large amounts of data. They are composed of a number of technical elements such as routers, switches, security devices, storage systems, servers, etc,  ie the components that IT needs to manage the critical systems vital to the operations of a company. 

Almost every business and government entity today either needs its own data center or needs access to someone else’s. Some build and maintain them in-house, some rent servers at co-location facilities (also called colos) and some use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) wherein cloud providers like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure gives them an option of a virtual data center in the cloud. Research shows that over 80% of companies prefer hybrid environments: the joint use of private data centers and public clouds.

Data Center Management is an extremely challenging line of business and it typically includes data center managers monitoring and managing technical and IT issues. Some of the key tasks in Data centre Management are:

  • Upgrading hardware and software/operating systems
  • Managing data distribution and storage
  • Backup processes
  • Emergency planning
  • Technical support

While some of these tasks can be directly managed, many can be automated, thereby reducing on-site employees and associated business costs. Any vendor or company that claims to be building and/ or managing Data Centres should ideally be capable of:

  • Management of multiple vendors & associated equipment, applications and operating systems with different contracts, warranties, licenses, patches and upgrade processes.
  • Maintaining SLAs in complex environments where there are different requirements for applications, data retention, speed of recovery, and network availability.
  • Monitoring change where there are substandard change control processes, outdated equipment, and inability to keep infrastructure up to date.
  • Managing data center cost optimally, more so as resources are usually procured on “best-cost” basis; managing energy and cooling costs which is a challenge in itself.
  • Deploying new services and applications faster while understanding & managing resources like capacity, power, and space, alongside client policies and structure.

IPMC has been offering end-to-end services in terms of Infrastructure and management of the DCs, owing to our strong capability of Infra services and a great understanding of technology. Our prestigious clientele includes Standarad Chartered Bank, Capital Bank, GNPC, Ministry of Finance, TIGO and more for whom we have designed, built and supported DCs. We have been managing Data Centers with 65,000+ managed assets across Servers, Networks & Security assets of storage/ data management.


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