When we think objectively, is there life after death or there will be an Apocalypse?

When we think objectively, is there life after death or there will be an Apocalypse?

What I have written below is unorthodox, but it is a point of view. We all view things from an angle of where we stand from and at times they may be entirely different from others. But we should all keep an open mind to see each other’s view, hence for this one.

So they say, and all the time growing up our minds have also been conditioned in a similar manner, we know most of us have been made to believe that there is life after death. That we may be born again and again. On the other hand half of the world also believes that there is no reincarnation but there would be a day of Apocalypse when all the dead will rise up.

But in factual sense these are just beliefs. Each set of followers try to prove what they believe in. These beliefs may also be termed as mythology. A
Myth is a popular belief or a popular assumption which grows and lives on for years. In other words it is simply a ‘human imagination’, and since many people believe in that imagination, it almost looks to be true.

The human brain is a complex form of machinery. It is so smart that when it can’t find real answers, it imagines them. It fails to accept defeat that it has not been able to decipher a certain puzzle or at least it wants to rest upon a temporary solution until a real one is found. When we can’t find God, we bring all sorts of imagination around Him. If we can’t decipher the mysteries of life we come out with all sorts of different theories around them. Death which is a truth of life and happens to all living forms, but it continues to be the biggest unsolved mystery as well. Hence our imagination which runs around it.

To solve the mystery of death some have developed a theory of reincarnation, others of the day of judgement. We can gather all of these under the various belief systems humans follow.. But remember that all these ideas are nothing but simply a belief system, something that a human brain has imagined and hopes that it may be true. There was a time when we believed that Planet Earth was flat, until evidence was found otherwise.

We tend to cling on to such beliefs and ideas because it gives our brain a resting point, else our mind will continuously keep on wandering around and will get frustrated from not finding answers to things we do not know.

However, if we think objectively, bring ourselves completely out of all these imaginations and assumptions, or belief systems, we will realize that the fact of this life is that there is only one life we live and that is this life only. No body has seen any life before or after, except beautiful stories to amuse ourselves.

This life happens to be our only chance to figure out why we have been sent to this world, what is our purpose and what we must achieve before we leave.

Therefore, we must consciously work towards our goal and not procrastinate thinking that there will be another birth when I will complete the rest.

Once we realize that this is the only chance we have been given, then we will work hard, we will work diligently, we will bring in full dedication to what we want to achieve and will not waste a single moment to reach there.
Thus if we want to realize any of our dreams, then we must, as this is the only one time opportunity life has given us. Ironically this is what all the faith systems preach as well.

The soul never dies, but it is never born as well. It simply passes from this little station of Planet Earth. The Universe is too big for it to stay anywhere permanently or visit the same place again and again. We may meet many times but in different worlds. We may not even meet again. These answers will always remain a mystery or probably they will not. Until then we can create our own independent beliefs or follow the prevalent ones. None are wrong or right.


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